Poka yoke: Mistake-proofing via Functional Programming

April 26th 2019 09:00 - 09:45
Summit 1
“Poka yoke” (po-kah yo-kay) is a term from Japanese manufacturing that means “mistake proofing”. It is a powerful concept (equally powerful in software) in which the design of a system shapes usage so that human error is prevented or corrected before it can cause real harm. In this session we will explore how and why FP maps so well onto the poka yoke concept. We will discuss the merits of mistake proofing over diligence, and rethink our approaches to craft and quality. You will leave with a new lens to evaluate languages, tools, and your own code. Examples in Elixir, Elm, F#, and Idris.
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Bryan Hunter
Bryan Hunter is an independent software developer with over two decades of consulting experience in complex business domains. He is the founder of Nashville Functional Programmers (@NashFP), and enjoys supporting FP communities around the world. Bryan is an international speaker and has shared his e...
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