Front to Back and Beyond

April 26th 2019 15:30 - 16:15
Summit 1
Can a programming language be both fish and fowl? And what about other forms? Can one language rule them all? This talk says yes! See what is common between these kinds of programming. And the unique requirements each has that a influence the design of gradually typed, FP language.

Software is eating the world faster now than ever. Programming is a skill that is applicable to wide range of contexts. There’s a common divide between “backend” and “frontend”. Not to mention, scripting and apps. There are common threads that run through all these areas. And each area has their unique demands and populations of developers. This talk looks at what these commonalities and differences are and how they can be addressed in one Functional Programming language that is Gradually Typed.
Jim Duey avatar
Jim Duey
Jim is a cheerful curmudgeon who’s been programming for 30 years. From kernel drivers to firmware to hand-coded assembly up to GUI’s and satellite telecom infrastructure.
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